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Sugarcubes Interviews

These are interviews from Live In Zabor videos
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Einar: Planets, they are lovely. They are like people. I don't know much about planets, they are basically big rocks out in a big big big sky. Out there, yes, those are planets; they are like people. Sometimes you see them, sometimes you like them and sometimes you don't like them. Planets they are big rocks. They are like the man in the moon. They are like people, I don't like planets. They are big, and you don't know what their names are. Yeah, you know some of the names, but I don't know why I know the names. I only know I'm K2, but I don't know planets they are like people. Some people believe that planets influence your life, I don't because people influence your life. But then again, who am I to say. Planets, they are a bit strange, but they are OK, I do like, but. Yes, I do like them.
Magga: I used to work in an ice-cream shop. No you're so.... It's so heavy on one side. I used to work in an ice-cream shop, making ice-cream all day. And, I can't drive this troley. I used to work in this ice-cream store, making ice-cream about 12 hours a day or something. And it took me about two years to start eating ice-cream again. Its so funny in Iceland, people use to starve for about two centuries before they discovered that only they needed to go out in the sea and go fishing. They didn't know they could eat the fish from the sea. But now it's like the main industry. OK, I'll give you a lesson in traditional Icelandic food. This is Honkjershaf, it is just meat that they let it hung and just smoke it and it is still eaten at Christmas and times like that. And this is Blodmar, it is made of blood. And this is pylsa. This is fiskur, it is I don't know, dried fish, and people eat all that stuff still, I don't know why, but they do. And yeah, there is one more thing, I don't know if this needs any explanation, but these are sheep heads. And people sort of eat everything, even the eyes and ears of them. I usually go out of the house when people are cooking them.
Siggi: Today, we are going to learn a bit about the state of Alabama. Sisters and brothers, I'll tell you, this theory I'm about to explain, it's a little bit complicated, but it is one of the most important things that we know about today in my world. Let me start. the Lamb Stone Belt goes up through the state of Alabama, and up through the mid-Western states of the United States of America, it is very delicate. These states are called Bible states and I'm gonna explain that to ya. That's because, Lamb Stone is very very sensitive to radiation and it draws to it, draws to it radiation from the whole hemisphere and I tell you that is why, we have such a high degree of the Lord on that Belt. Now, one of the things that contributes to that is because of the high radiation levels on that belt in the Lamb Stonet, and the reason of their being is high degree of the Lord in that belt. It is that, the Lord looks rightiously upon his radiation and that will evidently and in the end bring all men closer to him. That is why we in Gods own country, America, have got all the nuclear warheads and that is why we want and we know that the only way to bring a man to sin and closer to God and stop, and stop the reign of Satan on Earth will be, will be to use glorious weapons in His name. This is no laughing laughing matter, He loaths me, He loaths me, He loaths me and I'm telling you sisters and brothers in the end this will be the resolution Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah. Start praying.
Bragi: Can you tell us about your cats? My cats, they are outside. But I'll show you something, see all these feathers? One of them has had breakfast this morning. And the cat ate the bird, it won't fly anymore. Right here on the sofa or.... There? Probably, didn't make a sound.
Bjork: Hello, it is Christmas time and I'm sitting here by my TV. I've been watching it very much lately because I'm on the holiday. And I've been seeing all those programs, about all sorts of things. About Icelandics being very happy about Christmas and very gay and also about being very serious and spiritual and also seeing Icelandic comic people making jokes, which they are very good at. But now, I'm curious, I've switched the TV off, and now I wanna see how it operates, how it can make, can make to put me into all those weird situations. So, it's about time. See, this is what it looks like, look at this, this looks like a city, like a little model of a city. Little houses and the streets, and this is a little elevator to go up there. And here are all the wires, these wires, they really take care of all the electrons when they come through here. They take care of them, they are powerful enough to take them all the way here. I've read that in a Danish book this morning. And this beautiful television has put me, like I said before, in all sorts of situations. I remember being very scared of it, because an Icelandic poet told me that not like in cinemas, where that thing that the throws the picture from it, just sends light on the screen. But this is different, this is millions and millions of little screens who send light on you. Some sort of electrical light, I'm not really sure, but because there is so many of them, in fact you are watching very very many frames when you are watching TV and your head is very busy to calculate and put it all together into one picture. And then, because you are so busy doing that, you don't watch carefully what the program that you are watching is really about. So, you become hypnotized. So, all that's on TV goes directly into your brain and you stop judging if it is right or not. You just swallow and swallow. This is what an Icelandic poet told me once, and I became so scared of television that I always got hectic when I watched it. But then later on when I got my Danish book on television, I stopped being afraid because I've read the truth. And that is scientifical truth which is much better then..... You shouldn't let poets lie to you.
Thor: In ancient times, the women was still a slave and people still paid money. The men got tired of the smell of horses, and made a car. The first car. Since then, he has gone to love this beautiful machine. And it is true that bad car can make a grown man brake down and cry. But the good car is poetry in motion. If you ask me why I drive around, I drive all the time. It is because it eases my head and looses my mind. My car is made of little things and pieces with strange names. Just like myself. I think about all the time how the car is made. I still haven't managed to find out. But I know when this little machine breaks down I could not take it appart and look at each piece very carefully. Put a little number on it and stack it in my backyard. This will take generations to see.


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